1. Collection


Browse through our collection gallery of fine art invitation suites and choose the design most fitting to your style and wedding day. 


Consider whether a simple or minimalist suite is all you need, or if you require the full compliment plus additional cards to provide your guests with the information they need.



Inclusions for each Collection

Each semi-custom collection suite has four base pieces; Invitation, Response Card, Details Insert Card, and a Save the Date card.  


We have designed each suite with the flexibility of choice to purchase our popular 5 piece suite (Invitation + Envelope, Response Card + Envelope, and Details Insert), or individual set pieces as needed.

Below are all the pieces available.



Your main event invitation or announcement piece, generally including the details of your ceremony/reception venue and time, dress code or wedding website (as applicable).

An RSVP card is a lovely way to ask your guests to confirm their attendance and may also include additional details such as meal choices or dietary requirements.  Returned RSVPs also make thoughtful keepsakes.


A Detail Insert card can provide your guests with a variety of useful and practical guidance, such as information on gifts/wishing well, dress code, pre/post wedding events, itinerary, wedding timeline, location, directions, or accommodation. 


Save the date Cards are particularly useful for weddings that require your guests to book accommodation, flights or take time off work. This may apply to destination weddings, for those planned to coincide with an observed holiday or if you are planning an extended weekend celebration.

2. Paper


Our love for working with textures and organic lines means we have found a beautiful selection of papers to offer you from all over the world.  We know what papers work best for specific types of art, and how to use 

textural elements to create a mood.  


Clean and crisp, this paper creates warmth and texture owing to it’s 30% recycled paper content.  Our most economical paper option with a sophisticated print surface - a stunning canvas to showcase our watercolour artwork. 

Available in bright warm white. 270 gsm

Matching envelopes with european flap are also available. 

120 gsm


A personal favourite, our handmade paper and envelopes are buttery soft and feature deckled edges on all four sides. Made from 100 percent recycled cotton rag,  it has a wonderfully soft textured surface adding an ethereal look to all our designs.


Available in a bright warm white. 300gsm


Matching envelopes with a european deckled edge flap are also available. 150 gsm.

Option 3: SUITE ONLY

A beautiful combination of textured card stock, handmade papers and other unique papers has been carefully chosen for each collection to make your suite extra special. They are only available when you order the 5 piece suite.


The specific paper offerings will be outlined in the description for each Collection and will vary for each suite.

3. Typeface

Using different font colours and typefaces can completely change the aesthetic of your stationery. For example, a simple sans serif type (Eg HELVETICA) can create a minimalist look, a handwritten type (Eg AMATIC SC) may reflect a more relaxed style, whereas a scripted font (Eg Mr De Haviland) or calligraphy can add romance and sophistication.

Font types and colour can also be used to accentuate your names or other important information.

We have selected a range of fonts to suit each collection, however you can choose your own favourite font from an extensive collection of professional typefaces.

4. Wording

If you need some ideas on how to word your invitation suite, we can work together to come up with something that represents your individuality and reflects your style as a couple.


Alternatively, if you know how you would like your suite to be worded, simply provide this when you complete our Custom Order Form.

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