Castillo Five-piece Suite

Castillo Five-piece Suite

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A homage to the beauty of old world charm, this suite was inspired by the faded elegance of ageing castles and their gorgeously textured walls. The classic typeface and use of space creates an air of restrained sophistication. 


The design, illustrations and layout of the suite will remain the same, but the information will be customised for you and your day.  

  • Paper Selections

    Choose between white textured paper or an assorted mix of papers and envelopes that have been especially selected for this suite.


    The assorted mix of paper + envelope textures and colours are only available when you purchase the Five-piece Suite:

    Invitation Card - linen textured 

    Invitation Envelope - white handmade 

    Response Card  - white handmade

    Response Envelope - linen textured

    Details Insert Card - linen textured


    Note: Handmade paper envelopes are non-adhesive. Use wax seals, glue or decorative washi tape to seal.

  • Inclusions

    The Five-Piece Suite includes the main Invitation (120 x 180mm) + Envelope (130 x 190mm), Response Card (105 x 148mm) + Envelope (C6 or 114 x 162mm), and a Details Insert Card (105 x 148mm). 


    Pricing depends on the type of paper stock selected (textured card or hand made), and the quantity required.


    A lovely discount is included when you purchase the 5 piece suite (compared with purchasing all the individual pieces offered in this package).


    There is a minimum order of 25 required.


    Pricing for 25 sets on textured card starts at $475

    Pricing for 25 sets on handmade paper starts at $675

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