4 Reasons why you need handmade paper Wedding Invitations

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Our Joshua Tree Wedding Invitation Suite on handmade paper

Saying that you “need” handmade paper invitations may sound a little dramatic, but it’s actually true!

Once you lay eyes on those delicate deckled edges, and feel the soft buttery paper between your fingers, you will definitely be thinking that you need this in your life!

Here are 4 reasons why we think you might love to use handmade paper for your Wedding Invitations.

1. Handmade paper adds a romantic charm

The long and the short of it is this - handmade paper is just really quite beautiful. In this growing digital age where everything is so easily accessible, mass produced and fast paced, using paper invitations for your wedding brings back an old school charm.

The Artisan Wedding Invitation Collection

And nothing says old school charm like handmade paper - with it’s delicate edging and beautifully textured surface,  lovingly crafted by artisans one sheet at a time, where each piece is unique and perfectly imperfect.  

2. Made from sustainably sourced materials

Making paper by hand is quite a pain staking process, as many paper making Artisans will openly confess. But it is a true labour of love for them.

Handmade paper can be made from a few different plant fibers like kozo (Mulberry Tree), abaca (Banana Tree), or cotton (Cotton Plant) for example. Regardless of which fibers are used, the process of transforming them into a final finished product, being a sheet paper, involves lots of time and love. If you’re interested in learning more about this process, our blog post “The Artistry of Paper Making” will be up on the website soon!

The paper that we use at True Paper Tales is 100 percent recycled cotton rag, which means only existing materials are used to create the paper. View a sample of our Wedding Invitation Suites, such as The Botánica, Nomãd - Santorini, Bohème, and Artisan Collections printed on this exquisite paper below!

This is important to us because it is an entirely sustainable process where no new cotton plants are used, and therefore we are not depleting natural resources in order to bring more beauty into this world.

We have searched the globe and spent considerable time (and money), into finding handmade paper that is both ethically and sustainably sourced, and has exceptional print quality. And I’m happy to say that our paper fits all those criteria, and receives rave reviews from our customers who wouldn’t want their stationery printed on anything else.

3. Creates an enticing introduction to the rest of your wedding

There’s something alluring about opening a letter that has been addressed to you, and finding that it contains a thoughtfully designed invitation printed on buttery soft paper.

Botánica Wedding Invitation Suite

The first thing your guests will notice as they reach their fingers into the envelope and pull out your stationery is the texture of the paper, and those beautiful delicate edges. Then they will see the wonderful design that you have chosen as they excitedly read whose love they have been invited to celebrate.

This whole process creates an air of excitement and anticipation, and having your stationery printed on such beautiful paper will leave your guests wondering what else you have planned for your wedding!

4. Provides a beautiful canvas for any artwork or typography

Printing on handmade paper, whether it be a watercolour illustration, pencil drawing or soft scripted calligraphy, provides a lovely canvas to showcase any artwork.

The beautifully textured surface and deckled edging of cotton paper inspires a softer look, giving your stationery a romantic, ethereal tenderness, that will truly elevate your invitations to another level!

So if you’re looking for stationery that is a little different to everything else out there, choosing handmade paper will definitely set your wedding invitations apart from the rest.

If you would love to feel this deliciously soft paper between your fingers, you can order a sample of any of our suites here. Or read more about our paper options on our Customisations page.

We'd love for you to get in touch if you have any questions about our paper or Collections.

Sarah xox

Owner / Designer

True Paper Tales

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